Feature Request: Work Orders

Feature Request: Work Orders

When is Square going to get Work Orders? Not Purchase Orders or Sales Receipts... Work Orders. Work Orders are different from Purchase Orders as Purchase Orders are for purchasing inventory from Vendors. Work Orders are similar to Sales Receipts as I am selling a customer an item, but unlike a Sales Receipt, the order is not fulfilled in the moment, it takes time to fulfill and the Work Order tracks progress. The current Ticket System is similar but not a true Work Order system.


For example... A customer comes to the store and would like something custom made, not a standard stock inventory item. This process will take several weeks. We create a Work Order with the customer's information. The work order has a notes section so we can add instructions / comments about the order. Notes can be added as the Work Order progresses as well about the progress being made. As we use items from inventory (or parts of items... think 3 feet of material from a bolt of fabric) for the item being made, they are added to the work order. Once the order is complete, the Work Order is then 'sold' to the customer. This closes the Work Order, debits inventory for all parts used and generates a Sales Receipt (which references the Work Order Number that generated it) for the sale of the created item.


Once you have a Work Order system, you could then use the same core system to build a Sales Order and Layaway system. Generally the only difference between these systems is when inventory is debited.


I have been asking for this feature since 2013. I was hoping to see it in your Retail app years ago but it has never appeared and it is the ONLY item that is preventing us from moving completely over to Square as our POS and Payment Processor.


I find it hard to believe that with as much retail business you all do that more people are not asking for this type system. Is there really no demand for this component?

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I am throwing my hat in the ring for the work order functionality.  I am a jewelry store that does repairs, so I use Square for Retail, but it doesn't even have a way for me to open a ticket (that I've been able to find), which I thought could be a workable temporary solution to this need.  I need to be able to collect customer information, describe the item(s) we are taking in for repair, and print out a claim check to give to the customer.  I could then track the repair until complete, at which point we could charge the customer.  It seems like this should be an easy enough function to add to the Square repertoire. 

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Hello all I have been waiting years now and all the square team has done is blow smoke up everyone's skirt.  If I do not hear a definite time line this month I am going else ware with my business this is unexceptable if you have no plans to bring work orders on board just say so..

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i vote for work orders. 

Another Plus one for this system. Square has got 2 of the 3 steps in place with Estimates and Invoices but is missing the vital middle step Work/Sales Orders.

In the absence of a proper Service/Repair ticket system we are using Estimates and Invoices to track repairs in our shop.

Estimates don't work fully as any items added to them does not get taken from stock leading us to think parts are available that have already been assigned to or used on a repair.

Invoices don't work fully as although they remove the items from stock once created the customer gets updates and reminders every time you add something and a repair may not be finished.  so customer is confused as to why you are invoicing them.

Work/Sales orders are how every single business handles goods that have been ordered/ assigned to a customer but have not been collected. These remove your items from stock (or at the very least show you that there are x number of an item assigned to them) so you know when to reorder/not oversell. Once the customer collects the goods, or in our case the bike repair is finished, you convert it to an invoice for them to pay.


Work orders would save my business a lot of time! Currently had written orders are done.

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...it seams like it would be an easy short term fix to allow the cashier to create an order on the POS with an open ended delivery or pick-up date.  That could work until the work orders section is created.

Work orders is the one feature I am missing with square. I have found other software with the work order feature, although I prefer square overall. Please create work orders tab! I would like to send my vendors work orders after the invoice deposit is paid (we require a deposit for custom producers), transferring  the information from the client invoice to the vendor work order in order to begin the project. 

What is everyone else using for work orders? Any integration suggestions? 

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I Agree!! I do Property Management, Apt Turn Overs and Remodeling. I Absolutely love that I can easily send out Estimates, Invoices and pmts from Customers is all together. 

    Yet, managing my team, different properties and unit specifications has to be on a separate platform. W/O's have to be saved and then attached to their final invoice. 

     Yet, I would love for My Team Members to be able to Clock in and out, make notes of work done while at each  property/unit and be able to click in/out connected to each Work order fir MY records and time/pay management. 

     Mileage tracker would also be a great added feature !



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Exactly why I came on here today, and sadly the exact same thing I found when I have looked for the other solutions I need for our business.  Never an answer, just a feature request from years ago that went nowhere.  I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with what Square thinks are priorities. Maybe we have just outgrown Square and it's time to look elsewhere. 


Anyone want to buy a two year old Square Terminal and one year old Square Register?