Feature Request: Work Orders

Feature Request: Work Orders

When is Square going to get Work Orders? Not Purchase Orders or Sales Receipts... Work Orders. Work Orders are different from Purchase Orders as Purchase Orders are for purchasing inventory from Vendors. Work Orders are similar to Sales Receipts as I am selling a customer an item, but unlike a Sales Receipt, the order is not fulfilled in the moment, it takes time to fulfill and the Work Order tracks progress. The current Ticket System is similar but not a true Work Order system.


For example... A customer comes to the store and would like something custom made, not a standard stock inventory item. This process will take several weeks. We create a Work Order with the customer's information. The work order has a notes section so we can add instructions / comments about the order. Notes can be added as the Work Order progresses as well about the progress being made. As we use items from inventory (or parts of items... think 3 feet of material from a bolt of fabric) for the item being made, they are added to the work order. Once the order is complete, the Work Order is then 'sold' to the customer. This closes the Work Order, debits inventory for all parts used and generates a Sales Receipt (which references the Work Order Number that generated it) for the sale of the created item.


Once you have a Work Order system, you could then use the same core system to build a Sales Order and Layaway system. Generally the only difference between these systems is when inventory is debited.


I have been asking for this feature since 2013. I was hoping to see it in your Retail app years ago but it has never appeared and it is the ONLY item that is preventing us from moving completely over to Square as our POS and Payment Processor.


I find it hard to believe that with as much retail business you all do that more people are not asking for this type system. Is there really no demand for this component?

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Would this be added through Square or using a different service?  More details please!

I would like work orders as well! 

I currently use square, invoices/estimates, appointments and I too would like to see work orders. With features like send work order to employees, add change orders, check off items, add notes, mark complete and add images or files. 


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I've seen work orders being requested as feature for YEARS now.


Right now we can only use Square for 10% of our sales and have to pay their competitor Lightspeed for the majority of our sales. I'd love to use Square for everything. We'd be back overnight if you rolled out even a basic work order system.


Can we PLEASE get a work order system?

We need work orders so that the client can sign that work was completed while employee is on site. This way, when they leave we have confidence that  job was completed and we can request final payment. A place to sign electronically would be great. It is also a place where we can notate any requests that the customer makes that will require them to hold us harmless or incur additional fees.

I know, we really need this feature. 

As a plumbing service company it would be so nice to add work orders to the Square lineup. I have read the responses to this request by square and with all do respect- only work orders will fill this need. 

I am struggling to come up with customer history (what have we done at that address and when) and to have a page only the office staff can see to track work completion, materials, etc. to help with capturing all costs. 

Please get management to stop “tracking” this request and start doing - I am surprised we have to ask for this.

We use square invoices for our service business.   After an invoice is created can a work order or packing slip be printed?  How? 

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I suppose you can print a PDF of the invoice in place of a packing slip. Instructions are here - Print and Share Invoices @Mielkeway

That would show all pricing.   A packing list or work order doesn't show pricing.  We don't want pricing on the printed paper.  Any other suggestions?