Feature Request: Work Orders

Feature Request: Work Orders

When is Square going to get Work Orders? Not Purchase Orders or Sales Receipts... Work Orders. Work Orders are different from Purchase Orders as Purchase Orders are for purchasing inventory from Vendors. Work Orders are similar to Sales Receipts as I am selling a customer an item, but unlike a Sales Receipt, the order is not fulfilled in the moment, it takes time to fulfill and the Work Order tracks progress. The current Ticket System is similar but not a true Work Order system.


For example... A customer comes to the store and would like something custom made, not a standard stock inventory item. This process will take several weeks. We create a Work Order with the customer's information. The work order has a notes section so we can add instructions / comments about the order. Notes can be added as the Work Order progresses as well about the progress being made. As we use items from inventory (or parts of items... think 3 feet of material from a bolt of fabric) for the item being made, they are added to the work order. Once the order is complete, the Work Order is then 'sold' to the customer. This closes the Work Order, debits inventory for all parts used and generates a Sales Receipt (which references the Work Order Number that generated it) for the sale of the created item.


Once you have a Work Order system, you could then use the same core system to build a Sales Order and Layaway system. Generally the only difference between these systems is when inventory is debited.


I have been asking for this feature since 2013. I was hoping to see it in your Retail app years ago but it has never appeared and it is the ONLY item that is preventing us from moving completely over to Square as our POS and Payment Processor.


I find it hard to believe that with as much retail business you all do that more people are not asking for this type system. Is there really no demand for this component?

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Unfortunately not - currently there isn't a way to print a slip excluding the price. Not sure of any workaround that will work at the moment. Hopefully other Sellers can chime in on their suggestions. 



+1 on this... We are currently coming from Lightspeed Onsite and test driving Square, and I'm really bummed that this is not available. For us, ideally we would like to print a packing list from an approved estimate, use that to assemble the order (we sell metals cut to size), and then invoice the estimate at time of pickup.

I run a photo studio and fine art print shop. We would really benefit from a work order system.  

I would love to have the ability to attach notes, images, files, etc. to a given invoice on the backend, and be able to track which of my employees made changes etc. 

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Put us down for needing this as well.  We're constantly looking at other POS options as it is a pain to manage work tickets concurrently with square. 

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I have went to multiple other POS options and ended up back at Square.  But this is THE reason we keep looking.  Work Orders are a big must have!

I have the same issue, please help!

The only way I know I can print a packing slip is AFTER I order a shipping label through Square

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I don't believe there is any way to do this currently.  I would suggest screenshotting it, minus the pricing, and print that way.  Not ideal but it'll get you what you need.

It would be awesome that you guys add this feature.

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I don't know why this is marked as solved.. there isn't a work order function added yet.  This is a definate need, and in my opinion will open the door to a whole category of businesses who have passed over Square because they need a work order system built into their workflow.


Wouldn't an easy, quick fix (even if it is a bandaid fix for now) be to open the tickets function on the online platform rather than just the devices?  Square could expand the ticket function and ultimately turned it into a work order system.