Notes/T&C's for subscription plans

Notes/T&C's for subscription plans

I think it would be convenient to be able to have a notes/T&C's field for a subscription plan. Something like the Notes field that currently exists when you manually subscribe a customer to a plan, but for the plan itself, not just that individual subscription.

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Thanks for sharing the interest in a feature like this @StrengthNerdTom! Mind sharing a few examples of how this could be beneficial to your business? It could help our product team understand the usage and possibly work on something like this in the future.


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@JJ_ , i work as a personal trainer and currently use subscriptions to regularly and touch-free bill my clients.


It would be helpful to have Note/T&C's so that my clients knew what they subscription entitled them to in terms of how many sessions they get a week, for example, and what their responsibilities are regarding scheduling, rescheduling, and non-attendance.


Just having written somewhere something like


"By subscribing to this plan you agree that:

-You are entitled to 2 sessions per week with Strength Nerd Tom.

- Any extra sessions will be billed accordingly.

- All sessions must be booked with 24hr notice.

- Rescheduling requires 24hrs notice.

- Sessions booked but not attended will be forfeit."

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Great Idea StrengthNerdTom! I am getting ready to start offering subscription services and 
I was under the impression a contract or t/c could be attached to subscription plan agreement. I sure hope this is the case or I will have to rethink my billing model and we all know how much we hate spending time rethinking something we thought we had figured out. Oh btw let me know when someone figures out how to squeeze 30 hrs into a 24 hr day!