Hello everyone good evening so I'm fairly new to the community I have two disputes on my account the

Good evening everyone my name is Francisco community I got a notice today that I had two disputes on my account it's informed me to submit my information just for the investigation since I am challenging because I do have services rendered have labor charges inventory that's been used and they told me to take 90 days for the determine the bank to determine but the outcome would be so I've already been past judgment square has frozen my account and I'm wondering why anybody help

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@Leftymejia873 Were these in person transaction  where you tapped or dipped the card with a chip?  If it was any other type of transaction including a swiped chip card, then you will most likely not win a dispute.  Due to the EMV shift several years ago and fraud, this is the way the banks handle it now, and it isn't even square's fault.  Square does have a risk manager option now to help mitigate these kinds of issues.



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