Square Invoices/Transactions log Notes Searchability

I noticed that some updates dropped today for Square Invoices (with no warning) and now it appears that you can no longer use the search function to identify contents added to the notes. Is this intentional, or is this a bug that is going to be worked out?


Especially when the customer in question is a school district, with 54 schools and over 100 departments that all have different contact information. We keep them under the District Name for the customer file, so they are easier to manage. All departments of the district make payments in bulk, all together.


And even with the new feature, if we put the "ACH Date Amount" note under the personal note, not the customer note, it isn't even searchable in the transactions log anymore.


The response from square:

--Thank you for your patience. You cannot search for an invoice using the notes section. You can search for invoices by customer name, phone number, email address, and keywords, but not specifically by the notes section.

We would suggest that when you are trying to locate your customers invoices, please use name, phone number and email address.--


Can we PLEASE get the notes searchability back??? 



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