Square Ireland: Quick Guide: Get Started with Square in 5 Steps

Welcome to Square 🎉


In this quick-start guide we’ll cover the basics to help you get set up to take payments on Square, including downloading the app, verifying your account, linking your bank account and setting up your receipts.


Let’s get started!


Step 1: Set up your Square account

Click “Sign up” to create your Square account from our website squareup.com. Make sure you have information about your business handy as we’ll need to verify these details in order to activate your account.


If you are running into any issues verifying your Square account, check out our handy FAQs guide


Step 2: Link your bank account 🏦

So that we can activate your account for taking card payments and transferred funds automatically to your bank, link a transactional bank account to your Square account (transactional means account that allows for both transfers and withdrawals).


Note that it can take up to 4 working days for the account to be verified. The verification process is necessary to ensure that we can transfer funds to your account and we will not be able to speed this up. 


Once your back account has been verified, any payments you made before 17:00 GMT are automatically sent to your linked bank account and will arrive in your linked bank account as soon as the next working day per Square’s standard transfer schedule


Step 3: Add your Business Information 📝

Make sure that your business information and receipts are correct so that your customers recognise the receipt they receive from you. Learn how your business appears on a customer’s bank statement.


Step 4: Download the Square Point of Sale app 📲

Download the Square Point of Sale app on your compatible iOS or Android device, sign in and get ready to start taking payments!


Step 5: Connect the Square Reader 💳

Connect the Square Reader to your device from the settings section of the Point of Sale app. Open the app > tap the three lines in the top left > tap Settings > Card Readers > Connect a Reader.


If you haven't received your reader yet you can manually enter a card payment using the app or send a Square Invoice




That’s it! With these steps, you’re on your way.


If you’re looking to get set up with more of our products make sure to take a look at our getting started guide, which has more info on setting up hardware (including Square Terminal), creating items, training employees and using Square’s analytics tools.


Do you have a question about getting started? Reply below! New to the Seller Community? Learn how to join.

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