Square Loans
Welcome to the Square Loans board! This is a space for you to share your experience with others and ask general questions. Since the Seller Community is a public forum, we can’t address any account-specific questions about eligibility or any other aspect specific to your account. If you have any questions about PPP, please visit our Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) board.

One quick note: feel free to share your experience here, but please limit speculation on how the Square Loans approval process works. In order to make sure sellers are not misled, Square employees (badged as such in the Community) may intervene to correct statements or provide clarification and may remove posts with inaccurate or speculative information. Last but not least, make sure you’ve read our Community Guidelines. Thank you!

Square Capital is now Square Loans! For more information on the structure change take a look at this post.

Posted 07-20-2021 in Square Loans
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