Add Category - "Something went wrong. Please try again." error

Have successfully created 2 categories & multiple sub-categories for our web shop; however now, any time I try to 'add category' and click save, I get the following error message:
Something went wrong. Please try again.

I've scoured the seller community for an answer, hoping it was a setting I accidentally turned off at some point, but to no avail.


Page template is "shop all" and as I mentioned, I've previously created categories & added items to them using this same method.  Could it be because my site has been published?  Do I need to take it offline to make further updates? 

All help appreciated!

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Hi @RideWesternport,


Thanks for getting in touch! Welcome to our Seller Community 👋 😊


This error definitely sounds odd, as there shouldn't be a limitation to adding new categories to your site. While we can't look into your site settings via our public forum, this is something support can help with. You can reach our team on 1800 760 137, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Melbourne time, or contact us via online chat or email here


Your website looks great, by the way!

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Thanks @Arie ,
I was a little impatient, and I'm guessing it was a momentary error in the back end somewhere - as the issue seems to have rectified over night.

I have since been able to add/edit/manage categories with no problem.

Appreciate your timely response.

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Glad to hear it's working now @RideWesternport, please let us know if you've got any other questions or issues! 

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Im having this exact same error yesterday and today - so no miracle overnight cure for me!!!

I've already got a call back request in on a payment error for about 24 hours and still waiting to here there.

Would love some help! Thanks


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@BakerSThow did you request the callback? Did you get in touch with support on 1800 760 137 and manually key in your number if there was a wait/


Callbacks should be the same day, usually within 20 minutes, sometimes a little longer in busy periods. Did you have any missed calls on your phone? I'd recommend calling again if you didn't receive a callback shortly after requesting one!

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