Banner Image Text low Resolution on mobile view-looks fine when added online?

Hi I am having issues when i save my banner image on my homepage ,it looks fine on a pc or tablet however it looks low res on a mobile phone? 

Its a png file set up in Illustrator ,have tried jpeg etc 

Any info gratefully received 


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Hi @Help1IssueLady, thanks for your post! In general, for photos, we recommend that:

  • The best approach for photos added to any page of your site is to use JPEGs that are no more than 1000 pixels on their longest side.
  • For high quality images, we recommend using a photo hosting site made for photographers like Flickr.com, and embedding the images from there. We don’t design around larger, uncompressed, high-quality images because we need to handle millions of images from millions of users. As a result, third party image hosting can be a better way to make sure your image quality doesn’t go down.
  • If your images are being rotated upon upload, use this site to fix that issue.

Header Images:

  • For images that are part of your site design (e.g. header/banner images, background images), there isn’t really a definitive answer. A good rule of thumb is to use an image that’s around 2000 pixels wide and at least 1000 pixels high, making the image large enough to look good at full width on any screen size.

Let me know if these tips help with the image quality!

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