Can I hide categories in online store?

Hi, I have some categories set up for certain holidays that I'd like to be able to hide from view in my storefront until the time makes sense. This capability was possible with Legacy Weebly.. can we get it for current Square Online?

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Thanks for your question, @here_apopupshop.


There isn't really a way to do that right now. You could create a different parent category called "more", or something like that, then make these categories subcategories of that one. It won't hide them but it will make your Shop All page a little cleaner looking and obfuscate those categories a bit. Once they are more relevant you can move one out to the top level of categories.


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Having categories you can hide is very helpful for retail stores with many skus. Can this get added to the backlog?

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@RTC I can definitely mark this as feedback for the development team! Thanks for adding your voice to this.

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Thanks Ashley. To help the team prioritize this let me give you a real example of how things go when I import items into Square today.

When we bulk add items though CSV to the Square site the categories don't sync over to Square Online. So by default we mark items as unavailable, fix their category, add extra images because Square API only accepts 1, and then set it to visible. 


This process is greatly inhibited by having a bunch of items we can't sell online already in the unavailable state. If I could put those items in a hidden category then they wouldn't be in the same list as all of my newly added inventory. 

Even with automation I have written getting inventory added takes a few hours each time we receive product. 

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@RTC - stepping in for Ashley here in her absence. Thanks so much for taking the time to flesh this out. The extra context will be very helpful to our Product Teams.


Passing your feedback along now! Let us know if anything else comes up.

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I would also like to request that Categories (and Sub Categories) can be marked Hidden and/or Unavailable in the Online Store. I would like to have my holidays (set up as Categories and Sub Categories) ready to go and make them show and hide based on the time of year.

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Can you hide categories on square online? There are some full categories that we do not sell online. Or do I just delete them on square online? I'm worried I will then lose the whole category on my square app (POS).

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HI, Categories are not able to hide.  You can make the items unavailable in bulk.


Item Library, click the items you wish to make unavailable, a Bulk Edit button appears at right side, select Mark as Unavailable.

Hope This Helps!
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Has there been any update on this? I'm looking to have about 10 items available only when going to a specific URL. I had put those items into a category to build the page with the items on it, but I can't figure out how to remove it from the side navigation. (I was able to remove it from the main nav.)

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