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Anyone else having graphic issues today? All of my products are doing this, along with showing the cash app pay still that I cannot disable....




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Hey BeastiesRVA,


See this post - Tech Support did resolve the issue for me - if you're still seeing it, try deleting your web browser's cache and checking you site again.



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I cleared the cache and nada but I will check this out and try! I really appreciate it, thank you so much!!

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Hey @BeastiesRVA,


Great to see you posting again! (even if it is under these circumstances ☺️)


If @JK_Fiber_Art's cache clearing suggestion didn't do the trick, it may be worthwhile calling into support to further troubleshoot. Are you using Google chrome browser by chance?





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Didn't seem to clear it, I am using Google Chrome

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One more thought, Tech Support "republished" my site after they did something to the server, then they told be to delete my web browser's cache, history, cookies, etc., close the browser, reopen it and try my site again.  That seemed to clear up my issue as it now looks normal again.  You may want to try republishing your site too, just a suggestion of course.


During our troubleshooting, it did not matter what browser I tried (FireFox, Chrome, MS Edge & Safari) or what device I tried (iPhone & iPad, Desktop and Laptop), the results were the same, the photo covered up the text.



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I'm also seeing this and cleared my cache but no luck, still seeing this issue. will try restarting my whole browser. As far as the cashapp...I was seeing this on my Square Register and got it to go away by checking Settings > Checkout > Payment types on the Register. I toggled off the Cash App payment acceptance. Not sure if this also would affect the online payment you're seeing; I could not find a place to turn off Cash App on the website (but I don't see it on my website.)

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They told me when I called about it that it was a known glitch (because I don't use Cash App) and you couldn't disable it. Sounds like it's being rolled out and glitching, but it's been there for over a week now  for something I don't use 😞

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I started the other link on this that JK posted above. I've been having the same problem.

Iʻve also tried republishing, clearing history, and no change- images still too large and covering the text.

I have emailed tech support with no reply (not even auto). Hoping to hear something tomorrow when customer support is back online.

The issue does not appear in the phone iOS for me, since the images are all above the text, but itʻs showing up in the browser (Safari and Chrome tried) and iPad versions.

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If you get a resolve or update could you let me know too? I really appreciate it! Sorry you are battling this too 🥺

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I've got the same issue - with the images overlapping the rest of the info. Just noticed it today. After the mess that was the Cash App addition a few weeks back, I'm seriously thinking of moving to Shopify if these glitches don't stop.

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I did the same and was trying to figure what to do. Shopify was a great platform, I just need the inventory integration with Square is why I have gotten stuck. Hopefully resolved soon, but is yours still showing cash app too with no ability to disable?

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I have the same issue...hoping Support can give us an update on this asap?

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