How do you configure shipping for Google Free Product Listings without weights in the API?

Has anyone figured out how to add Square shipping rates to Google Merchant Center automatically?


Square's integration with Google Merchant Center is awesome but the API feed doesn't include shipping info, like shipping weight etc.




Square says I need to configure shipping inside Google Merchant Center but there are no weights being passed in the raw feed from Square's API.


Naturally, I can't set up shipping prices on Google without weights.


My goal is to get all our items listed on Google Merchant Center (GMC) to sell with Display ads, Free listings, and Shopping ads. Right now, 100% of our items are Disapproved for error: Missing value for shipping rate [shipping weight].


Does anyone know how to fix this?


It seems like the feed pulls in item details from Square Up but shipping weight etc. is not an attribute there. The weights are set up in Square Online. Could that be causing a problem?

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Hey there @tasting_house 


I know very little about Google's integration but my gut tells me that Google would need to adjust their API pulls to include the missing information. We have no way to include this unless they request it.  Have you inquired about this with them or in their forums?

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