I think setting a prep time for each item is pointless for busy stores

I think setting a prep time for each item is pointless...especially for busy stores and/or during rush time orders.



  • Order timing is set to 90 minutes, which is store/location default (Online --> Fulfillment --> Pickup & Delivery --> Edit for the location --> Order timing --> Timing)
  • Item A's prep time is set to 60 minutes (Online --> Items --> Site Items --> select the item for editing --> Pickup & delivery prep time under Fulfillment)
  • Item B's prep time is set to "Use location default"


Let's say if a customer places an order for "Item A" x 3 at 12:00PM, which means each item takes 60 minutes to make. (Well, at least that's what I thought how this prep time for each item works.)

That means if a customer selected "as soon as possible" pickup time, on a customer's end it should say 3:00PM (if my understanding for the prep time is correct).

On top of that, since the default time is set to 90 minutes, it either should be the difference of default time and item prep time (times the amount ordered) or just add the item prep time on top of default time.

 - so in this case, the customer's pickup time should be 1:30PM or 4:30PM (huge difference in time, but anyways...)


I had few items with specific prep time, so I try to order it myself to see if it works properly. 

No matter how many times I tried, it just doesn't work the way I wanted to work.

The time I tried was 6:00PM, and when I selected "Item A", it showed up as 7:00PM when I selected "as soon as possible" pickup time. This applied to large quantities. It just overrides the default prep time to item prep time.

When I selected "Item B", the pickup time was 7:30PM



I guess the system is not capable to calculate the time for these kind of issues...



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Firstly, welcome to the Seller Community + sorry to hear that you're here because you've run into trouble. I would recommend to confirm with our team if this is a bug or if there any specific configuration your site needs to make sure it works as expected.


If you haven't already, your best bet is to get in touch with us directly, so that a member of our Square Online team can dig in with you. When you have a moment, please reach out directly by logging into your Square account and heading here.

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