Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Check out these Indigenous Sellers!

Hello everyone!


In honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day here in the US, I’m showcasing several Square Online websites created by Indigenous Square sellers. These sellers offer a wide assortment of items, from jewelry, clothing, and coffee to even skateboards! Let’s take a look at these Indigenous-owned Square Online stores.



IndigiExchange Marketplace

As a marketplace providing support to many individual sellers, IndigiExchange offers programs for multiple artists to sell their products. This can make it much easier for artists and makers to get their creations in front of more potential buyers.



Shinymoon Creations

Creator Jennifer Powless aims to keep Native culture alive by combining Native American designs with contemporary fashion and traditional wear. Be sure to check out the gallery page to see items not currently available, too!'





Lightning and Fire Jewelry

Started by a former wildland fighter, Lightning and Fire Jewelry create unique pieces inspired by nature.  I really like the subtle and simple look of the textured silver earrings, personally.





Ryan J. Vallo

A member of the Acoma Pueblo “Sky City”, Ryan J. Vallo continues a family tradition of making jewelry for everyone and anyone.  I recommend checking out his Instagram to see a lot more examples of his work.





Kelsie Kay’s Coffee Depot

A decade in the making, Kelsie Kay’s Coffee Depot brings both coffee and retail to downtown Eagle Butte, SD. As a frequent coffee drinker, I can almost smell the roast from here!



Apache Skateboards

Skate decks, t-shirts, and more are available from Apache Skateboards. I recommend checking out their main website, apacheskateboards.com, for more information. They also released a short film called The Mystery of Now. In the film, owner Douglas Miles shares the socio-political history that led to life on the San Carlos Apache reservation. He also talks about the personal history of how and why he started a skateboard brand and team of local youth leaders.




Thanks for taking a look! Comments or questions? Are you an Indigenous seller yourself?  You’re more than welcome to reply below and share your story!


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Thank you for sharing this!

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You're welcome!

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I would like to show others my business I've just opened.. I design and sell my own jewelry. If you're interested, you can check it out at https:www.bristial.com


I'm throwing a huge sale right now. All bracelets are $10.00 and Under. Discounted prices will be shown at checkout.. Plus you can get a free gift on purchases over $15.00. All items have to be bought separately at the moment, but all items will be combines before shipping. Thank you!

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I would love to share these to my website!  I am a Licensed Therapist in two states and fully support these causes. It would give an opportunity for anyone coming to the website to see these links and potentially make purchases.

Diane M. Ferguson, M.Ed., LPC (CO, MO)



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Thanks for sharing these wonderful businesses.

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