Inventory not updated update when someone places an order for pick up later in the week

We use square at farmer markets but are attempting online orders through our website “Wix” which unfortunately does not update our inventory when some one places an order for pick up later in the week while choosing to pay with cash when picking up the order. The obvious problem is that with out going in and marking the order as “paid” when it has not been paid ( in order for the inventory to update) we run the risk of over selling products that are in limited quantity?


if we moved our online store to square via weebly is this some thing that is rectified on your site? Wix is aware of this this but not making any attempt to change or fix it and we need this to work properly 


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Hey @Nourishfarm -


Unfortunately, Square doesn't allow the option to pay at pick up yes. However, when your customer pays at the time they place their order, the Weebly powered Online Store syncs with your inventory in real time. Once your stock is depleted, your customer will see an OUT OF STOCK message until you've re-up your stock levels. 



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