Link to shop items - Online- Shop now button can't b e linked to shop site

I'm trying to add the link to the product page to the "Shop Now" button on a specific page. Problem is, that the item doesn't show in the drop down menu to allow me to link it. 

There are about 10 items, but the others are missing and hence I can't link directly to the item instead of "Shop All" 


How do I see the remaining items, so a link from an about page to the shop page can be created. 


All items in stock, it's not because they are sold out. 

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Hey @Cyn596!


You should be able to view the Shop All page on the website by using mydomain.com/s/shop when replacing 'mydomain.com' with your sites domain whether that be mydomain.square.site or a custom domain! 


For reference to find the shop all page on my website I use mjdonlineuk.com/s/shop which then displays all my products.


I hope this helps, if it does please mark it as best answer to help others in the future!

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Hi Matt, 

I can link to the Shop All page, but I would like to link to the specific item. that way I could keep it consistent from all Gallery sub pages go directly to the item so it can be added to the cart. 

I can only do this for 10 items, all others don't show. 


Thought I could just replace the name of the piece and number in the link, but that doesn't work. 

So I do not know how to link directly to the item so it can be added to the cart, without the person going to the Shop All page first. 


Why can I do this for 10 items but not the rest that are visible and available in my shop?

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Can you post a screenshot of the screen where you are adding the link? I think I know what box you are referring to, but I want to make sure. 😊



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The dropdown only shows a few of the itmes, and it seems to be random as to which. Maybe it's the first 10 I originally added, I do not know. 

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Thanks for confirming. Can you try searching for the item, and let me know if it allows you to link that way? 

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Nope. Only the drop down seems to be an option. 

Tried to overwrite the end part but it just connects to whichever one was the originally picked one. 

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Thank you for confirming. This sounds like a potential bug. Can you please reach out to our support team when you get a chance? A rep can confirm and will escalate to the engineers if needed. 

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Will do, thank you.

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Still no reply from the Support Team, so if anyone comes across the solution, kindly share it. 

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Hello @Cyn596 👋 


If I am understanding correctly you would like to create a link to a particular item in one of your pages. But when attempting to create this link the item is no appearing to create that link?


If my description is not accurate, could you please provide a bit more context to the question you're asking, maybe then I'll be able to better point you in the right direction here.

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Yes I wanted to link a button directly to an item. I ended up chatting with 3 different support people, finally. There is now an option to search for the items that don't show in the list. That previously wasn't an option, it linked to the first in the list. Hopefully the glitch is resolved permanently, and it will always be possible to search for the none visible items when linking. Cheers

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