Many Issues With The Online Site

Hi, I'm having quite a few issues with my online site. Everything was working fine, but suddenly changed. Here are three of them.


1. I have multiple stories that I've made and I have a tab for them on the navigation bar, but only two are showing up on published version of the site, but all are there when I go to edit.


2. My automatic discounts are not working on the online site, only the app when I'm selling at my vendor events.


3. I moved the "gift card" tab, to be a sub-tab under shop. It's showing up as a sub-tab, but also keep reverting back to the Navigation Bar on it's own.



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Discounts Not Appearing On The Website

I have two automatic discounts that are supposed to automatically show up at checkout. Neither of them show up at checkout on the online website, but they both work on the square App at my vendor events.


I've enabled them at my location, tried deleting and re-entering them and have signed in and out.


How do I fix this? Thanks.

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Re: Many Issues With The Online Site

Thanks for posting about your issues, @bekah090.


1. I checked your website and I see 5 different stories on your blog page. Are you still seeing only 2? If you are trying clearing your browser cache and reloading.

2. Discounts do not currently work on the online site, though you can create coupons within your Square Online overview page to serve the same purpose.

3. We don't current sub-sub-pages, so if you drag it underneath the Shop All page in the Shop menu then it will be at the same level as your Shop All page.


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