Menu Availability: How do I show certain items for a certain time period?

Hello I am using square online store and would like for certain brunch items to only show up on the weekends during certain time period (11 am - 3pm). How can I enable this setting? 

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@anasir Currently, with the Online Store item availability can't be restricted for a certain time-frame. 


The best workaround is to hide your items or mark them unavailable when you're not serving brunch. 

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Aah, that's unfortunate. Thanks for your reply. 

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Hasn't this changed recently? I vaguely remember seeing something about timing out menus as I have two different menus that end in the middle of the day. Is there now a way to set a time that people can order from one menu and it automatically switches to the other? 

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I ran across this other thread that might help you out.




Scroll down to xyz's long post. It seems pretty thorough.

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I figured I could just paste the information here and make it easier....








OK - so another attempt to provide some info. I struggled with getting the time constraints to work for our cafe - a.m. menu (coffee & lunch) and we're starting pre-ordered/prepaid take home dinners for PM. Full menu is not avail for dinner time.

Soooo many issues with prep times, operating hours, trying to set time constraints to categories..... Here is what seems to be working... for the moment.


I set up 2 locations - both with the same address & business info and using same Square account.


In Online : Settings : Pickup & Delivery - One location is called AM/LUNCH MENU - it is set up for pick up - business hours 7:30a-4pm.

The other location is called DINNER MENU - it is set up for pick up - business hours 4pm-6pm.


Next - In Online : Categories I have a Lunch Menu main category - with menu sub categories set up below it.  Under Category Details : Availability it is set to "during all regular business hours (same as pick up/delivery hours)" Per the above set-up - those hours are 7:30a-4p.


Next in the same category settings - I set up a 'Family Style Dinner Meals' - it has availability set to "during all regular business hours" - per the above set up those hours are 4-6pm.


Now... back in your main Square settings - go to your item library - select an item (grilled cheese - only avail for lunch) - open item details - below the item description select 'location' and turn on or off the respective day part of the menu you don't want the item in. In this case Grilled Cheese is turned on for the Lunch Menu and turned off from the Dinner Menu.


After creating a 2nd location - when a customer goes to your page - they should be given an option on which "location" to shop from. Again - only 1 physical location - Mine says AM Lunch Menu Next avail pick up 7:30am Monday" - Right now it's Saturday night - so guests can see and shop full lunch menu options - and they can add the items to their cart. 


As noted by others - the Square notes of ASAP and some time references during check out need fixed on Square's side still. The pick up location noted in the cart also says Monday after 7:30am.


When the guest then proceeds to the cart - after entering their contact info - of course the ASAP is ticked - but below that option is Schedule For Later - The available days of the week in the drop down should match your business days of the week. Below that - the available pick up times should match with your business hours during the week. In this case I can add a Grilled Cheese sandwich for lunch on Monday at 9:55am - and I am placing the order on Saturday night.


If I then go back to the beginning of the order page and begin a new order - this time selecting the Dinner Menu location that was created - it says "pre-order available - next pick up Monday 4pm".


Selecting the dinner menu and choosing one of the Family Style dinner meals and adding it to the cart - the cart reminds me 'pick up Monday after 4pm'


Proceeding to check out and entering buyer data - again ASAP is pre-ticked as the pick up choice (meaning 4pm)  but selecting the "Schedule For Later" option brings up the available business operational days of the week - and the available pick up times are from 4pm-6pm - which matches the category settings from above.


These test orders were staged on Saturday night - outside of normal operating hours. I did struggle with settings where orders could not be placed after business hours on a Monday for Tuesday service - but the above settings seem to have corrected that.


Hope this was not to confusing and maybe helped someone. I don't have much hair left after rolling out these changes. 🙂


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