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I just setup my online store and square is only allowing 4 customers per day to schedule a pickup.  How do I change this?  I adjusted the large order amounts but it doesn't seem to make any difference.  As soon as the limit of is reached for one day customers are forced to order for the next day instead.

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While you can enable quantity limits per order, there shouldn't be any limit on the actual number of customers that can schedule a pickup for a specific time, @BigBunsBakery. Did a customer say that they couldn't schedule a particular day?

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Yes. I’ve had several customers tell me it says April 2nd instead of March 26. I also attempted to make a purchase myself and it did the same thing to me. 

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This sounds like something our support team should investigate. If you haven't yet, can you click on the "support" link within your Square Online Store Dashboard, and then click on "contact us"? You can reach them by email, live chat, or phone.

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Hello , I have a very specific problem I can’t seem to solve.

i don’t see a way to control how many orders you can accept in a certain time slot.

I do all pre-orders now for my pizza food-truck business.

i might have 30 orders through my online store , and they all want 7pm pickup. Is there any way I can limit how many orders for each time slot.? E.g. allow only 5 orders for every 15 minutes etc?
i looked into using the “appointments” app, but that has limitations.


thank you in advance.


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Hey @Piazza-


While there is a way to set up a delivery (amount) minimum, and a way to limit the amount of items that can be ordered within one order, there isn't a way to limit the amount of orders that can be accepted for a given time period.


This is a great feature request though, and we'll make sure to post an update in this thread when we have one. 



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Thank you!


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Let us know if anything else comes up, @Piazza! We are here to help.

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With the busy holiday season starting I also have a timed-order-pick up-limit question. Is there a way so I can only limit how many orders can be made on one given day and be able to allow for future orders? We allow people to make same day orders, but if I limit how many "items" are available this can eliminate the ability for customers to order for any future dates. Let's say I can only sell 40 items on a Tuesday, but I do want customers to order on Thursday even if the 40 for Tuesday is sold out. Any ideas?

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