Online Store: Featured event will not show up on store homepage

I want to create two different featured events on my store website (just getting used to the navigation and interface and am honestly finding it very clunky). I added the first event no problem and I'm able to edit event details. But when I go to add a second event, it refuses to show up in that section of the home page. It has been added to my item list, and I have clicked visible, but I do not know how to make it appear on one of the three available spots on the page. It's very frustrating.

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When I create a new Featured Event, it refuses to show up on my main page. I have successfully been able to make the first one that I created show up (a rummage sale) and I have created the second one (silent auction) but the second one does not show up as a featured event even though the template contains three spaces for featured events. We are not selling tickets to the event through square, so they will both be free events, so this thread might not be the best place to ask this question, but it's the closest thing I could find.

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Hi @bubblewrap74! That's weird that the second featured event isn't showing up on the main page. Where, if at all, is it being displayed? Feel free to send screenshots, too!

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