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Just noticed today that the pick up time for online order is missing. Previously, it will be next to the word pick up. See attached pic. Our default prep time is 10 mins, and previously, this order would have shown “pick up 12:55 PM”. I haven’t changed any settings recently, so this must be from a recent update. Anyway to turn it back?4CB683D6-3569-427E-AA57-1B59425E5BC5.jpeg

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Yep, the same thing happened to our shop today. Square regular support didn’t know what was going on and sent me to online support who said they couldn’t help and wanted to send me back to regular support. This is a pretty major piece of information to be suddenly missing from an order ticket. Anyone over there at Square know what is going on?

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@tyler @zder Thanks for sharing. I'm going to put a bug in our Register team's ear and see if they have any info they can share about this updating. Hang tight and I'll share an update once I get one.

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Update: someone from Square contacted me, and we did some tests. Turned out this is a bug, related to the update that made the customer’s name appeared on top and bigger. He reverted the update to turn back on the pick up time, and back to the previous version with the big Square Online Order on top instead, until there’s a fix. Let’s hope that comes soon.

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We are still experiencing this issue. @tyler mentions that Square was able to roll back the update that is causing this issue for his system. Can this roll back be accomplished for our location as well?


Thank You.

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Hi there, @zder - I believe this rollback was in regards to a large outage that improved upon a faulty software version. We would recommend reaching out to our Support Team directly for assistance. 

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The support team was of absolutely no help (3 calls, 1 email exchange).

The rollback I am referring to is mentioned in @tyler 's message above - according to him, it solved this problem.

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Sorry you are still experiencing this. I was helped by a guy named Faheem Zaman from Square. Hopefully he sees this, or if anyone from Square can get in touch with him to fix your issue like he did mine. It’s working fine for me now, using the past version with the big “Square Online” wording on top of the ticket.

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@tyler ,


Thanks for the information. We will see what happens...

In any case, 1 step forward, 1 step back,

  • Customer Name in bold on top of order ticket instead of order # - good
  • Pickup date and time replaced with the word "Pickup" - definitely not good


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