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[Review] How the Online Store went for me

It was been quite a while since my first post asking about if I could use an online store for a farm. Since then I had built a store, asked many questions and asked for and actually gotten a few features added that made an online store work better in a farm situation. The online store was extremely busy and made selling produce and all of our bedding plants possible, after things opened up it became less busy but people still very much like the idea of being able to place an order online and just swing by and get it later. I am in the process now of switching over my farm market to the square system as a POS setup which the greenhouse part of our business actually used all year. This is a much needed upgrade from our old cash register setup but is a bit hard to train older staff to use it until the realize that they like it. The online store is extremely useful and very customer friendly and it was a very important part of my business this year, I thought I would give a quick update on how it all went for me 🙂

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Thank you for writing this post @MattHebb1995! I'm going to pin it to the homepage today so other sellers can read about your experience with the Square Online Store😊


It's very interesting to hear how customer behavior has changed over the last few months - 'click and collect' might be here for a while! 


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