Square not a reliable host/server for online stores

It seems to me Square is not a reliable host for websites, yes as a payment system great, however any website issues go on for weeks, and the operators on the help line are not accountable. Has anyone else found this?


I have been attempting to set up a website through square, using my own domain name purchased elsewhere (always a good idea to own your URL) setting up the domain worked after a few days but nothing else does. Logging in through my square account works but accessing the "online" section, to add or manage products only worked for the first day. At first trying to access my website builder through Weebly was still working. That is until I called the Square support line and whatever they did there blocked me from Weebly as well. Now it has been one week I cannot manage my website at all.

When calling the support line operators are really doing the best, I guess but I have spent a lot of time on the phone with them and seem to be endlessly transferred to other departments, put on hold with out warning and transferred somewhere else only to repeat myself over and over. There is no accountability, no one who handles the cases on an account by account basis. Frankly I have been on hold long enough that the call just gets disconnected.

This just seems unacceptable for a company that should have its infrastructure figured out by now. Is this the kind of company we want to trust our business with? If something goes down on my website and I cannot talk to someone who is accountable to help solve the issue beginning to end, can I really trust that my business is valued? I think not. It's one week I cannot access the website builder. My website may be live but there are so many bugs it looks completely unprofessional to clients if it does not work, for example the cart constantly saying its empty when loaded without items preventing clients from shopping online. NOT a good way to build trust with my clients or for Square to build trust with business owners like us.

Anyone else have a similar experience? Anyone can suggest a better option than Square? I hate to go to shopify but they at least have their **bleep** together.

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They do create an image of a company with issues.  Another good one is the survey bot they have on this seller community.  I just filled out the survey ten minutes ago and submitted it.  But every time I visit another page on the seller community it again ask me to fill out the same danged 4 question survey.  Your issue is frustrating... this one is annoying.. alas there is no one to report this stuff to.

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