Turning off message that i am in closed in online booking

When clients click on my online booking link it says that i am closed and to consider purchasing a gift card. I am in fact open again and don't remember enabling this feature. How do i turn it off??? Help

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Square Community Moderator

You can edit or remove this banner by heading to the Appointments page of your Dashboard, then clicking COVID-19 tips, @Immaculatebrows. Once you click the link, scroll until you see this option:



Click there to get this pop-up:



If you want to edit the message, you can put anything you want in the Message section.
IE: A reminder to your clients that they need to wear a face mask to their appointment.

You can also completely turn this banner message off by toggling off the Show a COVID-19 message. Let me know if you run into any troubles here 😊

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