Why did my loan status go from good standi g to needs work for noreasonat the 80% paid mark

I have had 3 loans from square already and all were paid off in a timely manner. Eachoa. At the 80 percent paid mark usually offered another one. The loan I'm paying off now didn't get offered at the 80 % paid mark but my account went under review for 5 days and all sales were frozen. I certainly it unfreeze and dipped In sales bc of the review freeze they offered me a loan less than the last bc of the dip in sales due to their accou t restriction. This time I had good standing across the board and then yesterday my processing g volume and amou t dipped to needs work eventhough the sales had actually increased. This was at the 70% mark now today it has reached 80 percent paid and the loan dashboard doesn't show any of the factors and how I'm doing in them and a blanket statement states I'm now ineligible for another loan and that I will be notified if I become eligible again. Can anyone tell me wh6

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Hi @Nolarockz,


I understand your frustration about your loan. Multiple factors are considered when loan offers are sent out, and we check loan eligibility on accounts consistently to offer a new loan to you as soon as possible. While we can't assess when you'll be eligible next via this forum, rest assured the team will email you with an offer as soon as possible. 

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