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I see where we can set zip codes or radius for a location to deliver.  That's great.  My client has one location - bakery.  She wants to deliver to different areas - Monday delivery area A, Tuesday delivery area B, Wednesday delivery area C, Thursday delivery area D, the following week Monday delivery area E, Tuesday delivery area F, Wednesday delivery area G, Thursday delivery area H.  This will repeat every two weeks.  She has one location, it doesn't change.  We need to set up online ordering for the different days - order cut off is two days before the specific date/location.  Does this work at all with Square online?


Thanks for any help!

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Hello there @BlissHamilton and welcome to the Seller Community 


At this time, this level of customization for deliveries is not possible. I recommend you submit a Feature Request here. This will help our product team get visibility and track other Sellers with similar interest in your request. 


Important: When submitting a request, make sure to include the desired feature, and provide the details of how this feature will help your business succeed (how would you use it and what you expect from it).

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Deliveries to a certain area (which you already offer), but on specific days or dates is what we would be looking for ...our bakery is at a store front location, but we deliver to different areas on different days.  The cut off to order is two days ahead of the specific delivery days (which you offer fulfillment times).  I will put in the request.  We are looking at the Food Truck Pub App that you offer as syncing with Square.


But thank you for answering!  Appreciate the answer, even if not possible by Square at this time.



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