newby inventory question

i have set up a website in "online" section of square.


I have imported items in the "Items" section of square.


I have several problems.


1. Why are the items not showing in the online section?


2. I have a duplicate category in the online section which is not in the items section. I can't seem to get it to stop showing up on some page of the website.

3. Is there any way to import the pictures so do i have to add them all individually?

4. Where do i add the pictures as i can't see anywhere in items section and the items are not in the online section?


Hope someone can help 🙂

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Pictures are added in the same place as above for each item. I think they have to be uploaded individually.

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Hi @cassie75     If your items are not showing on the website, check their visibility. From the dashboard, go to Online / Items / Site items. In the Visibility section of each item there are three options - Visible, Hidden and Unavailable. To show on the website, each one needs to be set as Visible. Hope this helps. Tony

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Hi - that's brilliant, i had forgotten that the design site was only a part of that section.


That's question 1 answered, can anyone suggest an answer for the pictures problems 3 & 4, i hope question 2 will sort its self out at some point 🙂

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Pictures are added in the same place as above for each item. I think they have to be uploaded individually.

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Just noticed if you are importing picture there you can select multiples

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ok will take a look. guess i will have to assign each picture to each item individually, i was hoping i could add a link to the picture in the excel file.


Thanks for all your help and so quick too


I have about 1000 to do so better get on with it 🙂

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Done a few of the pictures and seem to have a problem with them not showing when you click the option.


I have a item called Stitchlets which has 80+ different designs - which are the pictures i am adding. What i had assumed would happen would be that when a customer chooses an option from the drop down list the picture would change to the right picture for that option.


All the pictures are there down the side and you can click one to view it, but it does not change the options.


Am i just trying to get it to do more than it can?


The only other option i have is to make each option its own item, which would mean a page with 80+ items on it which is a bit longer than i wanted really.

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I’m afraid you are right. The pictures are only linked to the item so can’t change to match an option. A possible workaround, and not automatic so certainly not ideal, would be to have a unique reference in each option and the corresponding reference annotated on the relevant picture. You would need to explain this relationship in the description or somewhere. A lot of work for you but food for thought. Maybe someone else can come up with a different solution.

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Hey @cassie75, I'd like to look into this further! Would you mind sharing a link to the Stichlets item with me?


Usually, you should be able to specify image for individual variations so that when customer select a particular one, the right image would populate. For example, here's what I've setup for an item in the backend.


Screenshot 2021-05-24 at 14.16.54.png


And here's what should appear when I select the option as a customer.


Screenshot 2021-05-24 at 14.17.01.png


It sounds like this may not be working as expected, so if I can get a link to the item, that'll help be investigate it further on my end and check with the appropriate team as well. 

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