Feature Request: Allow customers to pay for third-party delivery orders using Square Gift Cards

Feature Request: Allow customers to pay for third-party delivery orders using Square Gift Cards

The title of this post has been edited from the original: Add Gift Card as payment option has disappeared from the checkout


The ability to enter a Square Gift Card as a payment option has disappeared from the checkout for delivery in my online store.  It is still an option when the customer selects Pickup.


This has worked flawlessly for weeks now, but suddenly disappeared.  How do I get it back?  All of my delivery orders are paid for by Gift Card!

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I do not use a third party for deliveries and our customers cannot use gift cards for delivery anymore.  I just ordered plastic gift cards that I can basically light on fire since my shop is 90% delivery.  I'm losing customers by the day due to square and weebly.  Let's get it together


I'm having the same  problem.  We use our own drivers so I have the customer select pickup and in the order notes write their address in and request delivery.  This gift card option worked last week. Not sure why it isn't working now.  

We do in house deliveries (think pizza delivery). Our customers cannot use a gift card as a form of payment for those. Square encourages us to sell gift cards but doesn't allow us to accept them?  The work around I have found is I have my customer choose pickup and in the order notes leave their address and let us know they want delivery.  This also avoids the .50 fee per each order.  Not sure why we are charged .50 per order for delivery when we use our own drivers.  

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I am blown away that a customer can't use a gift card for delivery orders. Since Square has conveniently not made this clear in the Gift Card FAQ and there is no way to edit the Gift Card purchase page to alert customers BEFORE they buy gift cards this is opening all of us to being sued for fraud by not disclosing that gift cards don't work for delivery. Every day I think Square is great another absolutely avoidable issue comes up that is *just so obvious*

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Hi y'all! 


Dropping in to let you know that Square Gift Cards will now appear as a payment option for all In-House and On-Demand Deliveries orders. Please give our team a call if you are running into any troubles with this field appearing at the end of the checkout flow!


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- Jed


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Thank you.

When i signed up for square last year i was disappointed to discover gift cards are not available on Local Delivery orders, but are available for use on in person and shipped orders. 


I was looking at my site via the customer end today and i saw a coupon code and gift card line! is it truly available now?? I do not have a store front, i deliver local food so i dont ship either.



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Yes, Square Gift Cards can now be used on In-House and On-Demand delivery orders!  


Let us know if you have any other questions about this, @MileHighProduce 🍅🥬🥕 

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This seems silly to me but why has square not allowed for third party powered sites like Wix which integrate with the square processor to accept gift cards and e-gift cards?