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After placing an Online Store order, can they pay in-person upon pick up?

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Is there a way with the square online store that I can have the person place an order and be able to have the option to pay when they pick the item up? This is for a farm and not everyone is going to want to pay online, just a pay after pickup option? I already paid for the service for a year and it will not work for me without this feature so hopefully it is there somewhare

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Re: Pay on pickup?

Hey @MattHebb1995-


Welcome back to the Seller Community, and thank you for bringing this up! 


At this time, the only way to order ahead online for pickup is by using a payment card. I can see how pre-ordering with a cash/other option would be useful for your business, and other businesses who do not solely accept card payments. Orders that will be paid in cash, will likely have to be called-in. 


Some of the Pickup & Delivery apps we integrate with may have a functionality that would allow your customers to pay upon pick up. 


Appreciate your flexibility with this, and please don't hesitate to share any other insight!

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Re: After placing an Online Store order, can they pay in-person upon pick up?

I also have the same issue as many of our customers also want to buy other products (like yummy cakes which change frequently and really need to be seen in person) when they arrive to pick up their meals which have been pre-ordered and pay for everything together. In our rural location we do not have the option of third party aggregators such as DoorDash.


Because Square is used in so many locations and for a wide variety of business types you can not assume that the standard 'city model' will be adequate for all. Flexibility please!

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