Re: How Do I Sell Digital Downloads?

I’d like this as an option as well. I need the ability to sell a passcode as access.

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What do I need in order to sell a digital download via Square? Is it automatic or manually emailed?

Hi Everyone, 


Currently, I am selling on the Etsy platform and would prefer to sell on my own page and shoppable landing pages. Can I sell digital downloads with square? If so, do I need to buy a separate app|plugin|platform? What app|plugin|platform would that be? Does it work with mailchimp shoppable landing pages.


Thank you in advance! I look forward to your guidance! 

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Re: What do I need in order to sell a digital download via Square? Is it automatic or manually em...

Hey @stylingsquad,


I can't speak for Etsy but our Online Store with Weebly does allow for digital sales.


See @Isabelle_ 's Best Answer above for more details. 

Ashley C
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Re: What do I need in order to sell a digital download via Square? Is it automatic or manually email

This is a feature we have BEEN ASKING for Weebly/Square to bring back. As of no, you have to manually email your customers digital purchases.

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Re: What do I need in order to sell a digital download via Square? Is it automatic or manually email

Thank goodness for gumroad.com.  I just spent all day writing this ebook.  Kinda sucks that I have to use a 3rd party to deliver it to my customers.  Seems like my "store" isn't actually a store.

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Can I sell digital files with the Online Store?

The title of this thread has been edited from the original: Downloadable files


Can I use the online store facility to sell a non-physical product such as a downloadable file?

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Re: Downloadable files

Hi @SarahH1,


Absolutely, you will just need to fulfill the item after purchase by sending the file to the purchaser.

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Re: Downloadable files

@mattd  send as an after file is not an option. It means I still have to manually traffic my business. I need the client to be able to pay & download from a file that I've uploaded. I have this currently but it's via a 3-way sell as I have to upload to my website (which also doesn't support it) and link it to Shopify for the sale to go through. It works well but it's a long winded process and costing me double. I was hoping that SQUARE would be a one-stop shop for me.

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Re: Downloadable files

I also need this feature quite badly.  The fact that I have to send the digital products by email slows down service to the customer.  It doesn't happen until I check Weebly.


I hesitate to change platforms over this because it took me many, many hours to put my products on Weebly, and I like my weebly webpage.  I would have to invest at least another week in moving to another platform.  


Before I ever had Weebly, I sold some digital downloads by just setting up a landing page in PayPal.  No software; it was my own effort using some things PayPal has.  If it is as simple as that, why can't Square do it?


Even if we could just do a customized  "thanks for your order" letter that was used for each specific digital item, it would solve most of my problem.  I could add a link and instructions to that letter.  


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Re: Downloadable files

I second @Diana_Knits's idea of a minimum viable version of this: even without Square or Weebly directly hosting and serving paid digital downloads, the simple ability to define a specific email template just for digital download purchasers—especially if I can create a different email body for each digital item—would solve everything I need for now.


I'm sure Square/Weebly are working on something more advanced to be launched at some point in the future, but simply extending the existing automated customer order emails would be a major feature for now, for many of us.


In my specific use case, what I'm selling is an access code to a private, temporary part of our website. I don't want to muck around with account management or any individual support, so to keep it simple I'm fine with everyone receiving the same code, and keeping it private via honor system.


But this idea could also very easily be used to share a Dropbox link (periodically updated if it ever got leaked), or access instructions, or any private password or URL to "digital product" buyers.


By this point, most of us with digital products have already figured out how to host them. We'd just like to automate the emailing of those who buy them with access instructions.

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