Feature Request: Item/Quantity based discounts for Online Store

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Hi- Is there a way to create a discount or coupon for the online store if a customer were to purchase a bulk number of items? For example, each tart is $3, if the customer were to purchase 6 tarts they'll receive a discount.  Thank you.

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Re: bulk purchase coupon-online store

Hi @bafranco1-


Thanks for posting in the Seller Community. As of right now, the Online Store uses coupons instead of discounts for POS.


These are the following types or coupons we currently offer for our Square Online Store:


  1. Percentage Discount: Discounts the purchase price based on the percentage you enter.
  2. Dollar Amount Discount: Discounts the purchase price based on the amount you enter.
  3. Free Shipping: Removes shipping fees from an order. You’ll need to create shipping rates before setting up this type of coupon.

Choose what the coupon applies to from the dropdown menu:


  1. All orders: The coupon is valid for all orders, as long as they meet any date restrictions you’ve set up.
  2. Orders over a certain amount: The coupon will only be valid if the order is over a specific dollar amount. Enter that amount in the field below. The amount is inclusive - that is, if the coupon is valid on orders over $10, and the order amount is $10, the coupon will be valid.
  3. Specific categories: The coupon applies to items that are included in the category you choose.
  4. Specific items: The coupon applies only to the items you select here. 

Based on the currently offered settings, it doesn't look like you'll be able to create an itemized-quantity discount. Hopefully this is a feature we'll have available in the future. In the meantime, you'll be able to create a discount for that item up to a certain amount, but it won't be sophisticated enough to only apply the discount once a certain quantity of that item is added to the cart:



 I'll make sure to escalate this feature request, and I'll post in this thread when I hear something about it. Thank you so much for surfacing this.  

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Re: bulk purchase coupon-online store

I am new at all this, but I think I have a similar issue. We sell one product, one price, various flavors. Simple, huh? One for $5, 3 for $13, 5 for $20, etc. So if a customer orders three from the Online Store, which would ordinarily total $15 (at one for $5), I think I have to make a coupon I'll call maybe "3for$13", specifying $2 off a purchase of $15 or more?...


Will this work if I make a second coupon for the 5 for $20 deal: that would ordinarily total $25 (at 5x one for $5), specifying $5 off a purchase of $25 or more?


I believe I saw that only one coupon code may be used, but that might work?...



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