Looking for manual payment method option

The features added to the online store option over the past few months have been very handy, so props to the development team for finally making it a usable product for pre ordering!

the one thing that seems essential, but doesn’t appear to be available, is the ability for those without credit cards to complete payment. There’s still many people here in Canada who have interac only branded cards and do not have visa debit. Because of this they’re unable to partake in online ordering. 


it would be excellent if, when completing checkout using the online store, there could be the option to enable one or both of these:


1) The ability to configure a manual payment method that we would use for EMT to process transactions via email money transfer

2) The ability for a customer to choose “I’ll pay in store” and still be able to complete their preorder. 

Perhaps there would first be a small option saying “I don’t have a credit card or visa/MasterCard branded debit card” which, when checked, could then present the above two options.



note: I have noticed a number of businesses that used square as their in-store POS, but for all their pre-ordering during the pandemic, they only accepted orders by email and payment via EMT. The primary reason for this is that they knew they needed to accept debit in all forms and the square online store couldn’t do it for them. 

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Re: Looking for manual payment method option

Hi @lemondogs! Welcome to the Community.


I appreciate you taking the time to leave such detailed feedback.


I'll be passing it along to the Weebly team and it's helpful when there's this much detail. I definitely see how that would be useful and hopefully it's something we'll be able to implement in future improvements!

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