Square Online Store: Turn on Local Delivery

This post was updated by a community moderator on April 20, 2020 to reflect app improvements and feature enhancements.


In many areas of North America, we know that the recent measures to control the coronavirus outbreak are impacting your business. To help you continue serving your customers, local delivery is now available with your Square account.


With the delivery feature turned on, customers can select delivery at checkout. Order tickets sent to your kitchen will print all delivery details in the notes section. New delivery functionality lets you set estimated delivery time, delivery fee, and minimum delivery order value.


To turn on Local Delivery:

If you're new to Square or haven't set up a Square Online Store, follow these steps first: How to Sell Online and Allow for Pickup Orders. Next, sign into the online Square Dashboard and proceed with the process below. If you're in the retail business or a shop owner, you'll want to follow these steps instead.

Note: Delivery is available to sellers in every country Square Online Store has launched in.

For an illustration on what your customer sees and steps to complete the delivery order process, have a look at the presentation below.



If you'd like to see a comprehensive guide, check out this article in our Support Center: Learn how to set up local delivery.


In a neighborhood where your customers can come to you? Consider trying out curbside pickup: Turn on Curbside Pickup.


Let us know how it's going and don't hesitate to raise any questions!

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