Physical Item Subscriptions on Square Online

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Physical Item Subscriptions on Square Online

The title of this thread has been edited from the original: Allow Subscription Purchase on Website

I would like for my customers to be able to select and purchase a subscription just like any other item on my online store. I know I can manually create links and such, but I want it to be more passive and my customers to be able to do it themselves. 

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Hi @dogguard,


I noticed it's your first time posting in our community, welcome and thanks for sharing this Feature Request. We love seeing new faces here 👋


While you can already sell memberships via your Square Online store, we're still working on bringing subscriptions to Square Online. Thanks for letting us know this is something you'd like to see! You could also create a subscription link with this guide. As always, feel free to stop by The Community with questions, concerns and even feature requests. We are more than happy to assist.


I am trying to do the same thing, @dogguard: I have set it up on my website, but it looks so unprofessional and super basic. It also took me about 2 months to get an understanding of how to do it as Square's documentation seems to be quite short and, honestly, nowhere near where it should be so I had to figure it all out on my own (I understand it's a fairly new feature)... and I used to design websites for a living!


Among other things, my company sells boxes of pet treats. You can go to my website & look at my items; you can choose my options, modifiers, and variations; you can read my reviews; you can see similar items; and you can see my URL (domain). You can choose 3 levels of shipping; you can choose to have me deliver your purchase, or you can come to my house and retrieve your order. 


But a you cannot choose a product to be shipped weekly/biweekly/monthly. All you can do is to add a link to one of your pages to go to the Square checkout. It doesn't even show as your own URL even if you pay the monthly fee to upgrade. Worst part is, you can't see any of the reviews for the product you're buying because you cannot add the checkout link to the product page. 


@Arie, would it be possible to alter the code under the "variations" or "options" tab and add 'subscription' as the option? 



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 With Square Online Checkout, you can set up one checkout link with the subscription feature enabled. Instead of using Square Invoices for recurring payments, the subscription checkout link can be used to accept weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual payments from multiple customers with a single checkout link. You can also self-select which specific checkout links your customers will be able to pay through. For example, use donation links for accepting monthly payments from donors and supporters.


You can find how to create a Subscription here. The goal would be that after you set up your subscription you would add them as buttons to your website so your customers can click on them and subscribe.


I hope this information is helpful and Welcome to the Seller Community 

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THIS!  We have a brick and mortar as well as an online store.  We make dog treats and CBD for dogs and cats and wanted our customers to be able to basically build their own subscription that would recur monthly or quarterly.  I would love for them to be able to put together their cart and then make their choices a subscription.  We have several items that we wanted to make available for subscription.  We could do that on Shopify and had several customers who had.  We now have to tell them that our subscriptions are on hold.  We moved to Square to be able to sell our CBD products.  Please Square!  Make this happen!  You will make me a happy camper!


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We'll be launching a beta test for Square Online subscriptions shortly after Thanksgiving. For now, the beta is limited to Square Online Performance/Premium sellers. Head over to the Beta Community and request to join the Subscriptions testing group for updates on the beta. 

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You guys rock! Thank you for making this happen :)!

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PLEASE let's get this implemented. Squarespace just had a checkbox, it was so easy.

Square allows me make a membership, but i don't see how to choose the frequency and i also can't add shipping prices.

Square allows me make a subscription external link, but I can't ask my customers for their shipping address.

This is a very basic online store model.

Just asked to be let into the beta group.

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I am not sure if I am in the right place but if anyone could point me in the right direction. I am in the process of switching my online website (square space to square) My POS in my brick and mortar store is on square. Unfortunately the two do not directly interface (they are competitors). I have had numerous calls to square support including the retail division. From my perspective it should not be so difficult and I am willing to pay a consultant who knows how to set up a square website and have it interface with the store but square gives you a big list that you have to ask for a proposal and most are in another country in another time zone and the communication is at best fair. I live in California and I even would be willing to get on a plane just to get this done. Square has taken away weebly  which used to make it possible to create a beautiful website. (Now it seems we are stuck with mediocre)

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