Employee Messaging

Employee Messaging

Would love to see employee messaging added to the new scheduling feature. We've used Sling in the past for scheduling and team communication and are wanting to switch over entirely to Square, but this feature is something we feel is a big miss. 



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For our bar, we need to track when we have an Incident - and would love it if an employee could send a Message via the POS to Management to inform that an incident had occurred. Even better would be a form that could be customized and submitted and kept as a record for that day with the Square POS universe.


Right now, we have created a button called "Incident Report" and employees are asked to do a $0 sale and then in the notes area, describe what happened - then they have to text via their own cell - texting charges may apply - to let Management know that an Incident Report "sale" was done...


Anyway other than above to do this?


Hey @JPWilkinson, thanks for bringing this up. I can certainly see how an internal note or messaging feature would allow you to keep better track of these kinds of issues in real-time. Depending on the kind of incident that occurred, your staff may benefit from comp and void options. Learn more in our Support Center: Comp and Void.


Hope this helps. In the meantime, I'll surface your post with our Point of Sale Team. Please let us know if anything else comes up and thank you for your patience as we work to improve. If any other sellers have experience in this area, feel free to chime in with any other pro-tips!

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If this messaging could be integrated to be able to be seen in the Dashboard HOME screen - this would be ideal.

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@NovaEspresso Ahh, cool idea! Adding this to our Feature Request board and tagging the Product team that spearheaded the scheduling feature.

I agree, this feature was also offered in Deputy, which is what we switched from and I found it to be very useful. Messaging in a work only related platform is more professional, too.

Any movement on this feature request? We would love this too.  We are currently using When I Work for scheduling, and I would switch over to square for everything if it had similar message capabilities.


I want to be able to create team channels (for example, prep crew, barista crew, sandwich crew, all team members) so we can have a channel-based log, people can enter what they did, what issues they ran into, questions, etc. Our owner/mgr team would then review these and respond when needed. This is part of our quality/consistency and accountability practice. (For example, a barista could post to kitchen crew: chocolate sauce made on 9/24 is thicker than usual, hard to use at refrigerator temp - and then the kitchen manager could track back to whoever made that syrup to correct any mistakes or do appropriate training.)

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Would love this too. We're currently using Square payroll but Homebase for scheduling as it also has messaging built in but would to have it all be one platform.