Feature Request: Automatically add a bottle deposit - or charge CRV in California

Feature Request: Automatically add a bottle deposit - or charge CRV in California

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We are opening a cidery and will be selling bottles of hard cider. In Iowa you have to charge a .05 bottle deposit. Is there a way to have this charge automatically added to the sale of a bottle without adding it to the price? i would like it to show on the receipt as a .05 deposit but not have to remember to add to each sale. I guess it would be like a tax but it isn't a percentage and I don't see where I can change a tax from percentage to $.

Thanks for any help.


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Opening a Beer and Wine shop in Vermont, let me add to the chorus of unanswered voices begging for this feature! C'mon Square, this shouldn't be complex coding!! You provide a retail platform, this is a standard feature needed in a multitude of places around the world!

Hello Birdsong,

I couldn't agree more. I have talked to so many (kind) Square reps on the phone and they always say there is a feature request in for it.  It's been years hearing that same answer.  I honestly do not understand the hold up and I hope for a different response the next time I inquire.  If Square is deciding NOT add that feature, which it sure feels like, I'd rather hear that at this point than being repeatedly told there is a standing years long feature request. It is indeed a standard feature in other POS systems, not sure why it's not addressed here.  This situation is really a stopper when people ask me about switching to Square.

Hey Square, can you please get us an updated answer?

Thanks for sending this best answer from 2017, but it's still a work around solution for a feature that needs to be integrated for all the states that have to deal with deposit laws. What Square customers are looking for is a non taxable modifier for items that require it, not a work around like having to add an item to each product that requires a deposit, which is all people can currently do.  The problem becomes staff missing deposits on items when they are ringing up customers and is an extra step that most other POS systems just doesn't require. While this might be the best answer, it's old  and it still requires a work around and doesn't actually solve the real problem which seems to be echoed by many customers. 

To give a cash deposit back to people also requires a payout function, which is also an extra step.  There is no integration.

Does anyone know if Square is actually working on this feature request made by so many?

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Sorry for the confusion @jamieinmichigan!


I merged a duplicate thread into this thread, and needed to mark a Best Answer for now to help folks in the meantime. While I don't have an update to provide at this time in regards to adding a bottle or can charge automatically, we'll be sure to drop a new post here and mark it as the Best Answer when something changes here.

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Seriously, could not agree more!!  At this point it's more of a "get your **bleep** together" scenario than a feature request.

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this is a pretty big thing for a grocery store to mange the bottle deposit of multiple product and making sure that it is charge properly for all product.  We just sign with square and really thinking of moving to another system just for that reason.  Any update on added feature to take care of this aspect. Or at least have a item automatically added to the bill corresponding to the bottle deposit ?

Actively shopping other POS systems because of this flaw

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Any thoughts Square?!  This is a simple request that would effect MANY users.  Fix it!!!!

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Hello @TheCrazyAxe,


Thanks for posting in the Seller Community again, welcome back 😊.


While we are aware as to how this may be a helpful functionality, please keep in mind that any recommendations or suggestions to modify our platform do not necessarily occur right away.


There are many things that our Product teams and Engineers take into consideration when making modifications or introducing new functions to our apps. 


For your reference, I have posted the lifecycle of a feature request here for your visibility.  


Please let me know if you have any follow up questions about this process, I am happy to help clarify. 

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Thank you for replying!  I appreciate that.  To be clear I do not expect a solution right away, development takes time.  But the original request for this was was almost SIX YEARS AGO, and CRV has been a program that has existed since 1987.  
I realize that you guys have to focus on the shinier features to keep up/ahead of the competition, but it should be at the expense of completely ignoring quality of life updates like this.