Feature Request: Change locations without logging out

Feature Request: Change locations without logging out

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I use the same iPad for different "locations".   The only way I can see to change locations is to log off and then log back in and choose the location I want. Is there a way to change locations while logged in?

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Re: Feature Request: Change locations without logging out

Honestly, I see this request is almost 6 years old. I really wish companies would take action to customer feature requests. It seems they are willing to utilize our requests only if it can attract new $ubscriber$ ... we're already here, so no need to make us happy. But I wish Square can prove me wrong. PLEASE prove me wrong.

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Re: Feature Request: Change locations without logging out

PLEASE SQUARE! We have multiple locations and our district managers can’t switch locations without logging out. This is a major safety issue.

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Re: Feature Request: Change locations without logging out

Hi @roothedaytodd - Welcome to The Seller Community, it's always nice to see a new face 😊


I can totally see the need for this feature as soon as possible. 'll be happy to move this over to a feature request board so that our engineers have visibility of your suggestion. We appreciate you sharing your request. While there is no time frame for when it will be implemented, i'm happy to make sure our engineers have eyes on your request. 


As always, feel free to stop by The Community with question, concerns and even feature requests. We are more than happy to assist.


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Re: Feature Request: Change locations without logging out

The need to log out and then back in again to change locations is a huge time waste and often means we have the wrong location, because in a mobile setting there is already too little time to do things. The fact that Square hasn't fixed this flaw in 5 years tells you how little they care about their customers. Of course, every time I use a Square product online they are constantly trying to upsell me. On the coffee shop owners groups I'm on, nearly everyone is warning people to avoid Square now. I wish I knew that before I bought the Square Terminal and Square Register.

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I also am wondering this. We use same tablet for different places. How do we change location? I don't even see the option to change the location when logging back in, or maybe I'm not really logging out in the first place. Where do you log out and is it the same as signing out and switching employees? 


@Bradsfood I'm sorry this question fell through the cracks. @PVS I can provide some clarification. 


Currently, to switch between locations you will need to sign out of your account. Once you sign back in, the App will ask you to select a location. 


To sign completely out of Register you will need to go to settings. Once in the settings tab, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and select sign out. This will take you completely out of the App and the next screen will prompt you to create an account or sign in. 


We see how changing locations while being logged into the App would make for a smooth transition. We will pass this feedback along to our product team so they can take a look! 👍

Hi, having the ability to select location when clicking on the items tab at the bottom would be best for us.  That or asking for location when using the 4 digit pin which is all we assign employees. 


Hey @Monty! That's a great suggestion. I will make sure to let the Product Team know! 😀

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I have 2 locations set up. Both are so I can accept pymts at the farmers’ market. One is for my farm’s sales. The other to accept pymts on behalf of the market itself. Each has its own checking acct. How can I switch between the two locations using the app on my iPhone? 

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To switch locations you must sign out of the app and sign back in.  Each time you sign back in it will ask you what locaiton you want to use. 

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I own a hair salon and the stylists are all independant contractors and each has their own Square account. I would like to see a quicker way of switching between Square accounts. Having to log out and then log in as a new account user is very tedious. It seems like there should be a way of setting that up in advance in the system so each contractor could just switch accounts by entering a simple pass code.

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this has been high on my wish list also.  I ended up setting up a second Square POS on an iPad mini for our second location in our Square account which is just our wholesale business vs our main location being our retail business.

Our stylists use their smart phones now to charge their clients, but I'd like for them to be able to send them to the front desk and the receptionist could then charge them on the the salon's register, but just have the sale go to their bank account.

Has this become a feature yet? If not please make it so, thank you.