Feature Request: Change locations without logging out

Feature Request: Change locations without logging out

The title of this post has been edited from the original: How to change locations on iPad?


I use the same iPad for different "locations".   The only way I can see to change locations is to log off and then log back in and choose the location I want. Is there a way to change locations while logged in?

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Re: Feature Request: Change locations without logging out

Honestly, I see this request is almost 6 years old. I really wish companies would take action to customer feature requests. It seems they are willing to utilize our requests only if it can attract new $ubscriber$ ... we're already here, so no need to make us happy. But I wish Square can prove me wrong. PLEASE prove me wrong.

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Re: Feature Request: Change locations without logging out

PLEASE SQUARE! We have multiple locations and our district managers can’t switch locations without logging out. This is a major safety issue.

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Re: Feature Request: Change locations without logging out

Hi @roothedaytodd - Welcome to The Seller Community, it's always nice to see a new face 😊


I can totally see the need for this feature as soon as possible. 'll be happy to move this over to a feature request board so that our engineers have visibility of your suggestion. We appreciate you sharing your request. While there is no time frame for when it will be implemented, i'm happy to make sure our engineers have eyes on your request. 


As always, feel free to stop by The Community with question, concerns and even feature requests. We are more than happy to assist.


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Re: Feature Request: Change locations without logging out

The need to log out and then back in again to change locations is a huge time waste and often means we have the wrong location, because in a mobile setting there is already too little time to do things. The fact that Square hasn't fixed this flaw in 5 years tells you how little they care about their customers. Of course, every time I use a Square product online they are constantly trying to upsell me. On the coffee shop owners groups I'm on, nearly everyone is warning people to avoid Square now. I wish I knew that before I bought the Square Terminal and Square Register.

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Only referring to the browser for scheduling not for POS. However.... I just found an even better workaround that won't require any profile changing (logging in/out). Set the second room up as a resource and assign it to the specific service. It will allow a "double book" of the person but not the space. Using this allows our location to have one teammate take two appointments in two rooms at the same time. 

It has been almost 2 years, what is the progress on making it possible to switch locations without logging out?

Coming into this thread in 2021 (who knew this issue was raised 3 years ago) to also request that this become a priority. A lot of businesses have gone digital in 2020 and will continue staying digital. This needs to be priority!

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Is this feature in the pipeline yet? Can you please have your manager review this thread. It is absolutely **bleep** that you are making so many users frustrated by not adding this feature. It is frustration level 10.

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This is bonkers that the ability to switch between locations is not available yet. No one is trying to log completely out and log in just to be able to see reports and or access another location throughout the day. 


And as added *bonus* feature- there is now an additional step in logging out just to make to switch. As if the repeated welcome pop up isn’t annoying enough. 😒

really hoping the “location” will soon be an option to toggle between? I noticed it with the new add on step and yet still no option to actually switch locations. 


It is insane that this is still an ongoing issue after years of complaints. 

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How about making to where we don’t have log in or out to see active sales. Sometimes my staff requires refunds or discounts. But I have to log out one location and log back into the other. There’s should be a simple switch like there is in Dash App. Also… where’s the dashboard app for Android users?

I like to be able to switch locations without logging out and logging back in

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Hi and welcome to the Seller Community! 👋


This would be considered a feature request at this time, @luked.


I've moved your post over to the thread where we are tracking interest in this capability.

I have a square terminal. I have 2 “locations” set up in square (each location has a different bank account but they are at the same physical shop).

I need to constantly switch between locations in the terminal so that payment will go to the appropriate bank account - this is tedious because the only current way to do that with the terminal is to log in and out of it with email & password and then select the location when prompted to upon sign in.

I then found the option to register the terminal with a device code and in the virtual terminal, I can select to send the payment to the terminal so the customer can pay on the terminal and I don’t have to touch it. This is great except you can only register the terminal to one location in square online dashboard - this is issue for me because I am constantly switching between 2 locations, SO unfortunately I cannot register the terminal in square online dashboard using device code (since it’s limited to only one location).

PLEASE add the feature to switch between locations on-the-fly when already logged into the terminal OR use a device code that registers the terminal to the square account and not to a specific location. That way, you can point each payment to go to a specific location.