Any thoughts of integrating with Webrezpro?

2 reasons why 

1. Payment gateway as they do not offer their own 

2. Being able to do room charges from other parts of the business. 


I hope you can, so I don't have to leave square. 

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Square Community Moderator

Hi @Alexmonticue - Welcome to The Seller Community, it's always nice to see a new face 😊


I can see the need for a feature like this and how beneficial it could be for sellers. I'll be happy to move this over to a feature request board so that our engineers have visibility of your suggestion. We appreciate you sharing your request. While there is no time frame for when it will be implemented, i'm happy to make sure our engineers have eyes on your request. 


As always, feel free to stop by The Community with question, concerns and even feature requests. We are more than happy to assist.