Enable Tipping by Item

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Enable Tipping by Item

At my business we provide services (fingerprinting) and sell merchandise. I want my customers to have the option to tip when a service (fingerprinting) is provided, but not have the option to tip if they only purchase merchandise. Is there a way to turn on the tipping option per item?

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Hi @lpgoakland - Thanks for reaching out to us here on the Square Seller Community👋


The Tipping settings that we are able to manipulate are located in Square under Settings > Checkout > Tipping and are detailed in this Support Article. Any desired settings beyond what is listed would be considered a feature request. So we are unable to tip on a Transaction based on the item.


I’ve shared your feature request with our Product Team, as they are constantly improving our products based on feedback like this. To learn more about how feature requests work, please see this post from one of our Seller Community Moderators. 


In the meantime, keep an eye out for any updates in our Seller Community. We appreciate your input! 🙂

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Status changed to: Not currently planned