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POS recent update - missing features, glitches, etc

As much as we have made our distaste for the recent update known, we are still not able to revert to the previous version as we were able to do before. We have posted about our problems and issues before, and the posts were removed. The notification says that they were moved, but they are nowhere to be found.


1 - You are not able to do an exchange/return for orders being shipped.

2 - If an order is to be shipped to a location that is to be taxed, all items (even those set to nontaxable as default) are being taxed. You have to manually shut off tax for any nontaxable items.

3 - The screen set up is awful. The grids within an item make it difficult to choose your items and variations. Between that and only using a third of the screen to make your selections, this is causing a lot of mischarges.

4 - Customers should be able to be individually marked as nontaxable, and the system should do this automatically. We deal with a lot of resellers and have to manually do this.


We could go on and on about how unhappy we are with this update and the issues. It seems that nothing is being done, and even when we have reached out to our account representative, the responses are boxed, and we are told that our suggestions and concerns will be passed on to the right team. Still have yet to see anything be fixed.

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