Does Square Appointments have resource management?

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I own a small skin care shop and we currently use Vagaro. I would like to come back to square for the simplicity and continuity, but one thing we really need that vagaro has is resources. 

For example our shop only has one Spray Tan Booth. So when it's in use, I need that service to deem that resource "unavailable" so I dont have 3 employees get booked for a tan at the same time. Does that make sense? They may all have availability, but if the resource isnt' available I need it to block booking. We have a few resources that can only be used exclusively by one person at a time: LED Light Therapy Machine, Microderm Machine, Tan Booth, Hydroderm machine. Our business only has one each of these things and I need to be able to accommodate for that in booking. Does square have anything like that? Am I not going to be able to move my business over?

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Re: Does square Appointments have resources

Hey @FreshEsthetics-


Thanks for posting in the Seller Community! 


I went ahead and reached out to a Square Appointments specialist. They read your post, and I asked them if we would be able to meet your needs. They said that the feature (Resource Management) you're referring to isn't currently available, however, they plan on launching it in the near future! They couldn't provide an exact launch date, but it looks like down the road Square Appointments would be a good fit for you.


If you have any additional questions, please give us a call to speak with an Appointments specialist. 

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