Is there a way to set have cluster booking?

The "fake it" function where you can make your availability be less then what it actually is - hide 20% or 40% or 50% of your availability- is nice but I wish there was a way to cluster book. So once one client books availability becomes limited to only appointments directly after or before, so that you don't end up with say a 9am appointment and a 4pm appointment. Is there a way to do this? Or is this built into the fake it function in terms of what availability it decides to hide?

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Hey!! Thanks for asking. The best remedy for this is to have the booking settings changed.


1: Go to Settings 

2: Select Calendar and Booking

3: Scroll down to see "Appointments are Scheduled"

4: Set to "According to Service Duration" rather than on the hour.


In doing this, the system will look to book appointments as closely together as possible based upon what has already been booked rather than sporadically as you have been experiencing. 

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@AshleyK This helps a little bit, but still does not solve the problem. Square needs to make a "sticky bookings" feature available. Your customers have been asking for this for more than 4 years and there has been no change. I want to use the  "book according to service duration" feature but also, on days that have no appointments booked, only show available appointments at the beginning, middle, and end of the day. Once an appointment is booked for one of those times, only show available slots directly before or after the booked appointment, and build out from there (like Tetris sort of). This could completely eliminate wasted time and would make Square soooooo much better!!! I would definitely be willing to pay for that feature!!!

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@svlashes I love this too!! I will make sure to pass this feedback onto our development team in my meetings next week. Thank you for giving such a detailed example of how this will benefit your business. It helps give our team a good idea for how to design a product. 

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Adding my voice to this request as well. Other scheduling services are offering this, and it would make a HUGE difference to my workflow. I used to use Square Appointments (and loved it), but it's just too risky to have appointments scattered all over. Wanting to add online booking back in - any update on if this is going to happen?

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I'm wondering if any progress has been made on this front. I too would like the option to cluster bookings. It is a big waste of time to have folks schedule in the morning and then someone else schedules in the evening. I'd love to not have to monitor this and constantly edit my availability or deal with big gaps in my workday. Hope y'all will make this update soon! Thanks!!


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At this time this is still a feature request @SomniaMassage 


The system is created to book as many appointments as possible, so if you are available from 9a-6pm, the best way to avoid unwanted or unproductive bookings would be not allowing a 4pm booking after a 9am is booked, simply because there's a big gap in between. The only solution right now would be to manually block off the time you don't want booked after that first appointment is booked


I have also passed these concerns to our product team so they can be aware of the need of a feature like this in Square Appointments. 

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I've noticed that this has been an ongoing request for awhile now, so why hasn't cluster booking been created yet? As a hairstylist, I find it very daunting to constantly monitor my schedule to make sure I don't get unproductive gaps. I've noticed that other booking systems have this option. Is this something we can expect Square to provide at some point?

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Hi @Katiedd6 Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Seller Community!! I've merged your post to an existing thread where I helped @FlowState with a similar question. Let me know if this also works for you. I can keep passing the feedback forward otherwise. 🙂

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I have fiddled with my booking settings and none of the choices, for me, have eliminated gaps in my day. I am very frustrated that an appointment app would not find a way to remedy this issue. I am looking at other software but dreading the switch over as my clients find booking very easy. I am losing several haircuts a day to these gaps. 

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