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Hi I have a question for the community 

I recently lost my phone and on that phone I was using my square account 

now I’m trying to and square on my new phone which I did and now I can’t access my money 

when I call customer service they said I need the number I first set the account up with  which I don’t remember the number 

so now what    I can’t get paid for my services

it got to be something else to be verified other then my num


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Hello @Spillz1276 thanks for your post. I'm sorry you're having trouble with your account. Are you using the same email address you used from your old phone? Your Square account should be a login associated with your email address?


You should be able to access your Square account through your online Internet dashboard by logging into Square from any computer. When you access your Square account this way, you should be able to transfer your funds. Have you not setup any automatic transfers out of your Square account into your bank account? This is something I would recommend you setup once you get back into your account.


If you really need your old phone number, and you can't remember...can you contact your old phone provider and ask them what was the old phone number? Or can you contact any friends or family who would still have that info in their phone address book to give you your old phone number?


I hope you'll be able to resolve this issue on your account. Perhaps another person would have a better recommendation on how to remember what was your old phone number.

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