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Is there a report that shows the authorization code for transactions?  We are currently using Field Service to collect our payments and it requires a reference number, however when we process a transaction through the virtual terminal it only provides an authorization number which I cannot seem to find anywhere on the transaction details or batch reports.  I need this to be able to tie in the payment to the correct invoice.  

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Hello @BDKylie 👋 and Welcome to the Seller Community!


Trying to understand  your question here seems that you are using a 3rd Party service called Field Service to capture your payments and in some occasions you are using the Virtual Terminal to process payments and when doing so you need to find a way to link the payment from Square in Field Service and Field Service is requesting a reference number that you are unable to find in Square?   


If I understood correctly and you haven't done so yet I would suggest contacting Field Service support so they can point you in the right direction on how to integrate our payments with their service.

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