Release Notes: SQUID 2.44
Release Notes: SQUID 2.44

Hello Square Community! We're starting a release notes blog today, which will be updated about every three weeks with software updates that we release for Register. 


We call Square Register software "SQUID" - it's like our version of iOS or Android. The current version of SQUID is 2.44, as the title of this post indicates. You can check the version of SQUID software that your device has by going into Settings > General > About Register. This version introduces the following:


  • [New Feature] Fresh KDS Support 

FreshKDS is an Android tablet based kitchen display system (KDS) for Square Register. It replaces kitchen order ticket printers so you can remove the clutter of tickets in the kitchen and reduce paper expenses and waste. Orders display with the ticket number or name, item and modifications and/or notes, and change in color as time elapses to keep you informed about the prep time on the order.

To use FreshKDS, search for FreshKDS in the Google Play Store and download it on an Android tablet. Sign up or sign in on the FreshKDS app, and then go to Settings > Printers on your Square Register. Tap on “Create Printer Station,” name the station, and select FreshKDS from within the Printer selection section. Tap “Test Print” to see what orders look like on the FreshKDS app. Then, tap “Save” and you’re all set to start using FreshKDS with Square Register.


  • [New Feature] View and edit inventory in Square Register

You can now view and edit inventory on Register for individual item variations. Head over to the Items section from the Switcher, select an item, and edit away!


  • [Bug Fix] Merchant Unable to add decimal point to new taxes created on Register

 We've fixed a bug that prevented you from adding a decimal point on the keypad to new taxes created on Register 


  • [Bug Fix] We made a number of other bug fixes and stability improvements to keep you running smoothly. 



Let us know if you have any questions or concerns - we'd love to hear from you!