Square Register Release Notes: SQUID 2.64
Square Register Release Notes: SQUID 2.64

New features available in SQUID 2.64:


  • [New Feature] First Payment Tutorial

Taking your first payment? Or need a refresher on how to ring up a sale? Check out the updated walkthrough by going to Support > Tutorials and Tours.


  • [New Feature] Same-Day Deposits Option

Want to get your funds instantly at the end of your day? You can now make same-day deposits your default setting. Go to Settings > Deposits to set it up.


  • [Bug Fixes] We made a number of other bug fixes and stability improvements to keep you running smoothly.

You can check which version of SQUID you have by going to Settings > General > About Register. If you don’t see this feature immediately, don’t worry. The update will be delivered to your device in the next few days. Thanks for selling with Square Register. Let us know if you have any questions or comments—we’d love to hear from you!