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POS is no longer asking for customer name

Previous Square issue as per the seller community, but first time happening to us now.

Our Square register no longer prompts us for a ticket name. Just moves on. Only work around is to save it, reopen it and charge it.

Checkes my mobile version on Android phone, can still add names.

Restarted the square register, but no luck.  Prior open threads discuss some updates but that was a couple of years ago. 10 years using Square as a POS but I've never had this.

This is my second year using Square register, and the only thing that was different about today is that we added the flash order plug-in to use as a self-order kiosk. 

Everything was working fine with the kiosk and square register, but an hour before closing the system stopped prompting us for names in the Square register. I turned the option to automatic numbers and then back to custom ticket names, I restarted the Square register, but nothing seems to fix it. It's a pretty big bummer.  Can you help, Square Fam?

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