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Sticky ticket printer deleting ticket queue

We use two Square registers with two ethernet connected sticky ticket printer that we purchased from Square. The sticky ticket printer prints out one ticket at a time and won't trigger the next print until your remove the ticket from the printer, so you don't end up with a chain of sticky tickets. For the past year we have had no issues with the tickets in line triggering when you remove the existing ticket from the printer.


This week we are having an issue where suddenly when one ticket is in the printer, the register will delete all the other tickets in the queue, so we only get one ticket that will print out, and only when the ticket printer is completely free of tickets. The "failed" prints do show up in the printer queue, but when we have literally a thousand tickets that print out through a day it's not feasible for us to go through and make sure the ticket printer is empty before hitting reprint, making sure it's printed out, before repeating the process.


It seems to be an issue with an update, since when I do a factory reset on the register, it prints out the tickets like usual. Then when it does the automatic update overnight, it stops working again. At this point we are unplugging the registers every night to prevent them from updating, or else I have to do a factory reset first thing in the morning. 


Is anyone else having an issue with this?

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